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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Rihanna Becomes World’s Richest Female Musician With A Fortune Worth £468m


American singer, Rihanna is now the world’s richest female musician with a fortune worth 222 billion naira.

Rihanna has been named as the world’s richest female musician as she debuted at No.3 in The Sunday Times‘ list of the wealthiest musicians. With an estimated fortune of £468m which is approximately 222 billion naira, the singer has entered the list behind Andrew Lloyd Webber and Paul McCartney, who are both reportedly worth £800m.
It puts her just ahead of singer,  Elton John, with Rihanna’s worth being largely attributed to a 15% stake in the French luxury company LVMH – which is worth £351.6m. She has also scored huge success with Fenty Beauty, which is now valued at $3 billion (£2.8bn). Rihanna’s reported stake of 15% is said to be worth a cool £351.6 million.

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